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When The Phone rings

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When The Phone rings

Post by Jim on Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:10 pm

The phone rings.
What do you feel?

Happy that it might be your sweet, charming daughters checking in?

Excited that some good friends want to meet for lunch?

Pleased that an old friend might be calling about a game of golf?

Hopeful that a new job might be coming your way?

Or concerned because it's the radiologist dept calling...
"Marlene Rosno? We need you to come back in for another mammogram and cat scan. There's a mass...."

Ok. Don't panic, I tell myself. But that doesn't work. My mind travels to bad news... The cancer is back in the other breast. I start planning what I'm going to do. No chemo. I'll just spend all my money having fun til I can't anymore. A road trip on back roads with my brother, stopping at every honky tonk bar to play pool; taking my sisters, Jan and Paula, on another trip to Hawaii; flying my entire family to lake Bonaparte for one last, huge family party filled with jokes and music and exquisite food. One last road trip across Texas to Lisa's and down to Florida to visit friends and family....

And then the day arrives for the second mammogram. They squeeze and shove and press and smash, a lot harder this time. Hold your breath! Click. I wait to see if it was a good take.

Then the technician comes In and tells me "it's all good. No biopsy necessary."

And the tears flowed

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