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Post by Jim on Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:07 pm

I came home from my road trip a week ago Sunday to find my sister on the couch, resting...
"I took myself to the ER last night," she said.
She'd been having tightness in her chest, vomiting, shortness of breath....
After having a good friend drop dead a month ago from an aorta aneurism, shortly after my best friend told me she had a heart attack but was ok, after my brother underwent a major bypass several years ago, after several cousins and uncles are miraculously alive after several heart attracts, after my dad died at 60 a few short weeks before scheduled surgery, after my mom had a heart attack and subsequent surgeries,
Her words filled me with fear and anxiety.
Not my sister !!!! Please, God
She called her radiologist Monday and a stress test was scheduled for Thursday. Thursday!!!!!! 4 days of tortuous waiting. Then 4 more days after that til a plan emerged. Doesn't anyone have a sense of urgency???!!!
Tomorrow, finally, they'll do an angiogram to see what the problem is. A week and a half after I got home. My poor sister putting up a brave front, battling her own fears and anxieties for all those days...
Months ago I promised to spend Tuesday and Wednesday with a friend... a paying job they rely on me for. I didn't know back then that today and tomorrow thru Sunday are the only days my daughters could arrange to come here for a sister’s weekend. Months ago I never dreamed my sister would be having major heart problems and facing here I am at my friends. Not home.
Jan was cheerful and hopeful when I left today at 3. Looking forward to an evening at home with a few friends, then leaving at 11pm to pick up Lisa at the airport and a few hours of catching up with her before the 7 am trip to Scripps tomorrow. Then Lisa will go get Cherie tomorrow night from the airport.
Our prayer is that it's a quick fix and when I get home Thursday morning, the three of them will be there waiting for me....and Cherie will have prepared a tasty brunch for us all.
Hope springs eternal

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